The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three

The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three

Title:The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three
Author:Mark Waid

Foi um escritor famoso e excelente, Mark Waid escrever uma obra de belas The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three book. O tema da The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three é muito interessante ler. O livro tem 368 pages. Você pode achar útil ler. Este livro incrível é publicado por uma grande produção que é, DC Comics.. Aqui está uma maneira rápida de apanhar! Sem mais delongas, aqui estão o melhor The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three que você não leu ainda. Transferir The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three em seu laptop ou outro gadget mais facilmente.

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In 1990, Mark Waid’s legendary writing career began when he scripted his first issue of THE FLASH. Waid continued to work on Wally West for nearly a decade, building a world that would keep the character running for years after Waid’s departure to other titles. Under his keen pen, Wally West gained a new depth of character that changed THE FLASH for good.
In this book, Wally is dealing with the aftermath of Professor Zoom’s return only to have his friends from the Teen Titans, Nightwing and Starfire, show up in Central City. He’s only just getting his feet back under him when his world is turned upside down again, this time with lawsuit from a woman who claimed the Flash failed to save her due to negligence. What is a superhero to do when faced with public scrutiny? Was the Flash at fault, or was there something more nefarious at work?
This third volume of THE FLASH BY MARK WAID series collects THE FLASH #80-94.